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Organization Description Geographical Region
FCC - regulatory compliance
FCC Federal Communications Commission
Certified by the Federal Communication Commission.

As a Test Firm has been required by Section 2.948 of the FCC Rules for measuring devices subject to Certification under Parts 15, 18,21, 22, 24, 27, 90 and 95.

Test Firm Registration number: 90623. TestFirmSearch.cfm
United States
ETL- regulatory compliance
Certificate of Achievement in the fields of Electrical testing per A2LA certificate number 0839.01

For acceptance as approved Subcontractor for Intertek ETL SEMKO Americas.
IC- regulatory compliance
Industry Canada
Certification complies with RSS 212, Issue 1 (Provisional) for the performance of radiated measurements. Submission:104712
VCCI- regulatory compliance
VCCI (Japan) Voluntary Control Council for Interference
Certificate that Hermon Laboratories (Member No. 592) has registered in accordance with the Regulations for Voluntary Control Measures.
Registration Number : R-1082
NATA- regulatory compliance
NATA/ACA National Association of Testing Authorities / Australian Communications Authority organization
Hermon Laboratories is a Recognized Testing Authority with NATA, Australia.
Registration Number : R-1082
Updated June 16, 2008.
Australia/New Zealand
NATA- regulatory compliance
Ministry of Communications
Hermon Laboratories is a Recognized Testing Authority with MoC, Israel for Telecom, EMC and Radio tests according to Israeli standards. .
Israel- regulatory compliance
Ministry of Environmental Protection
Hermon Laboratories is a Recognized Testing Authority with Ministry of Environmental Protection for radiation and calibration measurements. BlankPage&enDisplay=view&enDispWhat= Object&enDispWho=Articals^l1375&enZone=bodkim
ISRAEL- regulatory compliance
Ministry of Defense
Hermon Laboratories is an approved supplier with Ministry of Defense, Israel, under the scope of Israel Laboratory Accreditation Authority.
Registration Number : 83088416
ISRAEL- regulatory compliance
Ministry of Industry, Trade & Labor
Hermon Laboratories is a Recognized Testing Authority with Ministry of Industry, Trade & Labor
Registration Number : 426
Telefication- regulatory compliance
Hermon Laboratories complies with the relevant provisions of RD_050 and has acquired the status of a Telefication - Listed Testing Laboratory. Europe
MET Labs- regulatory compliance
MET labs
HL. Is recognized as an Approved Testing Laboratory for MET Laboratories for the Engineering evaluation and testing of Information Technology (ITE) and Medical Electrical Equipments. North America

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TS 103 021, TBR 10, 21, 38
TBR 4, 12, 13 (Europe)
FCC Part 68, TIA-968-A (USA)
CS-03 (Canada)
AS/ACIF S002/3/4/16
(Australia) ITU-T G.703,
G.823, G.824, G.992.1/3/6,
P.862 (PESQ)
ETSI TS 102 027 (SIP)
TIA-810A/B, 920-A
ETSI ES 202 737-40
3GPP TS 26.131/2, TS 51.010-1
3GPP TS 51.010-1
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